Intense Revulsion, Distaste, Enmity, or Antipathy for a Person, Thing, or Phenomenon

I hate going out. I hate staying home. I hate contradicting myself. I hate so much about the things you choose to be. I hate the Drake. I hate being lonely. I hate when people cheat. I hate when people lie. I hate when people lie about cheating. I hate the Los Angeles Lakers. I hate it when dogs bark. I hate commercials. I hate being sad. I hate burning the roof of my mouth while eating a slice of pizza. I hate stairs. I hate trying to remember which one of my myriad of passwords to use when logging in to something. I hate logging in. I hate logging on. I hate not knowing if I should log in or log on. I hate logs. I hate vegetables. I hate money. I hate feeling as if I am not good enough. I hate it when people do not break topics into paragraphs when writing. I hate it when I do or do not do things that I hate. I hate that I am unable to work the word ‘stellar’ into more of my conversations. I hate deceitful behavior. I hate when I look back on my behavior and realize I was being irrational. I hate the movie Titanic. I hate losing. I hate my hair. I hate my lack of hair. I hate forgetting things I would like to remember. I hate bad beats. I hate rude behavior. I hate fruit. I hate watching the edited for TV versions of rated R movies. I hate feeling as if I do not belong. I hate racism. I hate the chicken pox scar I have on my cheek. I hate solitude. I hate any acronym related to laughing. I hate it when things I depend on let me down. I hate when anyone or anything is taken for granted. I hate when my web host is down. I hate classes before 10 am. I hate earwax. I hate phone conversations that last longer than 5 minutes. I hate loose gravel. I hate it when the fun ends. I hate second-guessing myself. I hate when the Blackjack dealer has 16 and draws to 21. I hate dust. I hate being at the mercy of others. I hate gravity. I hate stupid arguments. I hate when my anger gets misplaced. I hate broken vertebrae. I hate the commercialization of holidays. I hate it when there is not enough cowbell. I hate pills. I hate pagination. I hate uncertainty. I hate being sick and tired of having to eek my way through life. I hate spyware. I hate losing friends. I hate cavities. I hate not knowing if tomorrow will be good for something. I hate overcooked food. I hate people telling me how to live my life. I hate wannabes. I hate boredom. I hate ASSHATS. I hate WHEN i INADVERTENTLY HIT MY CAPS LOCK KEY WHEN TYPING AN ‘A’. I hate shady people. I hate when the timing is wrong. I hate when there is only one of something good left. I hate existential conundrums. I hate dead axons. I hate excess icons. I hate when I tire from exploring the infinite abyss. I hate when my neck hurts. I hate it when I remember something I would like to forget. I hate that life is not fair. I hate when my taskbar gets too full. I hate being the short stack. I hate my sophomore yearbook pictures. I hate that chivalry is almost dead. I hate when computers freeze up. I hate narrow straws with limited throughput. I hate fingernails. I hate fingers. I hate nails. I hate finishing one out of the money in a poker tournament. I hate lyrics that are hard to understand. I hate pens that do not work. I hate injustices. I hate Cartman’s mom. I hate it when people are afraid to ask questions. I hate brainstorming. I hate when people do not like that I ruin surprises. I hate when my predictions are wrong. I hate listing things I hate. I hate it when I know I am beat. I hate when people spread rumors. I hate being confused. I hate narrow doorways. I hate folding a winner. I hate low kickers. I hate using too many poker references. I hate that some days are harder than others are. I hate feeling stupid. I hate typing I hate. I hate making people feel awkward. I hate dorky behavior. I hate that the word ‘gnarly’ fell out of favor. I hate admitting that. I hate being misled. I hate being misunderstood. I hate waiting lines. I hate spam emails that try to disguise keywords to avoid filters. I hate pretentious people. I hate stuffing my sorrys in a sack. I hate overanalyzing my own actions. I hate overanalyzing others’ actions. I hate compound words. I hate gossip. I hate when batteries die. I hate fevers. I hate flying through a jet wash. I hate problems that do not have an easy solution. I hate hidden agendas. I hate when things do not work out as intended. I hate when others feel unappreciated. I hate that nearly everything is out of reach. I hate chronic fatigue. I hate having my space bubble invaded by undesirables. I hate holding a small pocket pair when there are 3 over cards on the board. I hate using too many poker references. I hate not being able to follow my own advice. I hate accidentally repeating myself. I hate inaccessibility. I hate wasting my time. I hate mean people. I hate when the fries get cold. I hate bad karma. I hate monotony. I hate the word ‘dude’. I hate when my friends are crabby. I hate when people go back on their word. I hate losing sight of what is important. I hate moral decay. I hate not knowing why I learned the quadratic equation and why I still remember it. I hate bees. I hate when things are to be continued. I hate thinking of things when it is too late. I hate when people do things I hate without realizing it. I hate seafood. I hate cancer. I hate pain. I hate when egos write checks that bodies can’t cash. I hate simple subjects. I hate when things are over, when so much is left undone. I hate that I cannot be anybody’s hero. I hate my meticulous nature. I hate rocks. I hate geology. I hate pressure. I hate time. I hate trying too hard. I hate not trying hard enough. I hate going to extremes. I hate when people know not what they do. I hate giving bad grades. I hate that vowels sounds like bowels. I hate the thought of chewing on tinfoil. I hate application deadlines. I hate when the printer says PC Load Letter. I hate hanging by a thread. I hate being asked questions I do not know the answer to. I hate questioning other peoples’ motives. I hate weddings. I hate traversing a linked list. I hate complacency. I hate not being able to trust people. I hate not being able to trust myself. I hate my hands. I hate being full. I hate holding people back. I hate when people ask how I am doing. I hate hypothetical questions. I hate the thought of waking up tomorrow to find that five years have passed. I hate myself for loving you. I hate emotion. I hate when people say proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. I hate alliteration. I hate pee. I hate the voice in my head. I hate that nobody sees some real genius in my flying. I hate feeling like an imposition. I hate lying awake at night because my neck hurts. I hate lying awake at night because I am hot. I hate lying awake at night for no particular reason. I hate reasons. I hate infinite recursion. I hate people who abuse their authority. I hate that if you do not use it, you lose it. I hate attenuation. I hate when people do not know the rule about not saying ‘no’ to me. I hate when people know the rules but do not follow them anyway. I hate no talent ass clowns. I hate when people roll their eyes at me. I hate parades. I hate JavaScript errors. I hate subtleties. I hate inner ugliness. I hate outie belly buttons. I hate subscripts that are out of range. I hate that the letters are worn off my keyboard. I hate pink straws. I hate when people try to convince me to try something new. I hate trying things. I hate new things. I hate nuances. I hate not having garlic mashed potatoes when I eat prime rib. I hate idiots who use the word whilst while trying to come across as intelligent. I hate infections. I hate that there is a History Channel to look back at the past, but no Future Channel to see what is yet to come. I hate overly defensive people. I hate potential. I hate Nursultan Tuyakbi. I hate when nobody catches my obscure movie references. I hate antibiotics. I hate incongruent sentence structure. I hate false hope. I hate when people only talk to me when they want something. I hate poor grammar. I hate being asked the same question repeatedly. I hate being blinded by stupid black and white rules when a large gray area clearly exists. I hate when there is no right answer. I hate trendiness. I hate that it is hard to hate anything when there is so much beauty in the world. I hate oxymorons. I hate when people will not give me a time to meet them. I hate getting my hopes up. I hate data that is not in 3rd normal form. I hate stupid defensive penalties on 3rd down. I hate when I start believing in somebody, only to set me up for disappointment. I hate proofreading. I hate always being cautiously pessimistic. I hate when someone offers to buy me a cup of coffee. I hate flimsy excuses. I hate having to bite my tongue when idiots open their mouths. I hate dry lips. I hate having time for people who have no time for me. I hate the continuity of life and the inevitability of death. I hate not knowing how to conclude things.